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Working on my Next Monster

2012-02-10 00:17:55 by Sasajun

Working on a new Pixel, after a long break from Heavy Pixeling (Since Mr. Rabbit)
Its a bit rushed so far.. but hey, gotta start somewhere..
Just posting to prove im not just an abandom account
btw the new layout is super kawaii neko sugoii!
(no seriously its pretty n shit)

Working on my Next Monster

Googly eyes can solve global warming

2011-09-15 02:14:29 by Sasajun

idk Hi? I don't think people really read these (or even come back to my gallery after posting a comment)
But! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has left comments on my drawings.
Its really surprising when people on a more Flash-Based site leave comments on my art
then I get from art based sites.

Again, thank you very very very much!


2010-04-17 22:39:14 by Sasajun

idk what to make a post about.
But this is a post... and it shall stay a post...
unless it grows up to be a stapler... then it will become a stapler.